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What is Kimonogeisha.com?

Kimonogeisha.com was born, when we, lovers of Japan, kitsuke and geisha/geiko culture searched for good information about these things around the internet, but didn’t really find anything that satisfied us. Secondly, there was no easy way to buy NEW kimono and yukata from Japan. The only thing you can find are websites which deal with antiques, second-hand kimono or small shops with websites from the 90s and really limited inventory. But what if you are interesting in what’s going on today? If you want to have a kimono with a new and fresh style?

So we thought: We can do this better! Let’s open a kitsuke web portal and kimono & yukata online shop!

And here we are. We started as a general portal for everything surrounding kitsuke, kimono and yukata information and Japanese culture and language, but now are finally opening the doors of our kimono online shop, as we have everything set up in the way it needs to be.

The Team of Kimonogeisha.com

Yuki┬áis our “girl in Japan”, dealing with all the logistics involved getting the product you just bought from Japan to your doorstep. She is also our direct contact to manufacturers and retailers. You can contact him directly with info@kimonogeisha.com

Kota is our Japanese culture and language expert, currently living in London. He is a business consultant for diversity and business culture topics for Japanese companies, but also writes articles about events and news surrounding Japan and Japanese culture. If you want to contact him directly, you can with kota@kimonogeisha.com

Sebastian is the head of this website and business. Having lived in Japan for several years now and with a background in business, he wanted to help spread Japanese culture and make Japan more accessible to non-Japanese speakers and Kimonogeisha.com is one of the results.

Nao is our kitsuke fanatic who will probably be our best customer herself. She is currently living near Kyoto and mainly assists with our social media activities and marketing.


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