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10 Reasons, why you should do hiking in Japan

weather in japan

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Japan has some unique points that you can only find there! How about hiking in one of the world’s most mountainous country (#1)? Ever wanted to know how Japanese nature is like (#5)? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Japanese hikers (#4)? Or would you like to know what is your biggest threat in Japan (#8)?

Wanderweib presents you 10 reasons, why you should do hiking in Japan!

#1 Japan is a hiker’s heaven

mountains of japan

About 72% of Japan is mountainous, with a mountain range running through each of the main islands. However the highest mountain Fujisan (3.776 m) isn’t as difficult as other mountains!

#2 Huge Bus Networks

japan bus network

Japan has a huge bus network which brings you directly to your trail head. So you don’t need to rent a car for starting your adventure!


#3 Weather Forecast

weather in japan

Sure, the weather is still unpredictable, but compared with our weather forecast the Japanese shows the current temperature on most famous mountains and even the hiking conditions. The most famous sites are Tenki to Kurasu and Mountain Forecast.

#4 Everyone’s friendly


Japanese aren’t the most open-minded, however the nature environment seems to open them up. During your hiking you will meet hikers who will start to talk to you and they will be extremely friendly.

#5 Ladders and Chains

japanese mountain trails for hiking in japan

Japanese mountain trails are greatly aided as compared with our western trails. At difficult spots you can find a ladder or chain that will guarantee your safe travel.

#6 Japanese Signs

japanese signs on hiking paths

Japanese trails are well marked some include even English translations! To ensure your safe travel I recommend to learn some basic Japanese Kanjis that you don’t get lost within the Kanji signs!

#7 Trail head box systems

japanese trail boxes

At trail heads you can find Tozan Posuto Box where you can leave your name and your itinerary. In a case of an emergency they may help authorities locate you faster.

#8 Your biggest threat!

Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world and you can feel very safe. Unsurprisingly, your biggest threat comes in the form of a giant hornet.

#9 Huge hiking communities

japanese hiking community

Japan has a huge hiking community which is called Yamareco. The latest trail conditions and photos are only a few clicks away with a little help from Google Translate!

#10 Clean Water

japanese clean water

You don’t need to worry about water, because crystal clean water from high mountain streams is generally safe to drink! However, in lower mountains I recommend to boil your water or use a filter system.


Tessa from Wanderweib

WanderWeib – Hiking in Japan

Hi, my name is Tessa and I live in Tokyo/Japan since 2012. During my studies in computer science, I had the opportunity to live in Japan, where I explored the Japanese rich culture. After my graduation I extended my stay until today.

Last year I discovered hiking for me and began to explore the Japanese mountains. During my preparations for my hikes, I noticed that all the hiking books were only written in Japanese. So I started my own hiking blog in German, which describe the beautiful nature in Japan. Additionally, you can find several culture tips on my blog about hiking in Japan.

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