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One time chance to get real oiran geta from the 1800s

Oiran geta up for auction

Lurking the internet and watching our social media feeds, we have found something that you all might find interesting.

Currently there are real original oiran geta from around 1800 to 1867 on auction on yahoo auctions.

Link to the auction

If you think “I need to get me some real oiran geta!”, you should be prepared to shell out some good money. The current bid is at 666.666 Yen, which translates to 6.100 US dollars! What a bargain!

If you don’t want to participate in the bidding war, you can also just use the instant purchase option, which is with 777.777 Yen only around 1.000 US dollars more expensive. So why not make sure you get these geta?

In case you wonder what the geta look like, here a couple of pictures from the auction:

Oiran geta up for auction

Oiran geta up for auction

Oiran geta up for auction

Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy geta like these.

How do you walk in oiran geta?

In case you are wondering, of course after instant-buying these geta, how you actually walk in those, we found two great videos for you:


Now go out and have fun with your newly purchased oiran geta!