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We have updated our Yukata selection!

otona yukata set

The warm temperatures are coming and you might ask yourself “Where can I buy a yukata online?” – Well, we have the answer for you! And not only can you buy an original Japanese yukata directly from us, sent to you directly wherever you are on this globe, but they are also absolutely stunning!

To prepare ourselves for the warm temperatures, we have now updated our already existing “Otona Elegance” yukata collection with 4 absolutely new yukata. Take a look at our new complete elegant line up:

otona yukata setOtona Yukata Selection

Our 4 new otona elegance yukata designs

As these elegant yukata designs, designed for a more adult and glamorous look, have been shown to be really popular with our customers, we have added 4 new design which I want to present you now:

otona yukata 08 navy otona yukata 10 black otona yukata 11 black otona yukata 15 black

As always, we are selling the yukata as a complete set, including geta sandals, a suiting double-sided obi and a yukata set, which enables to to wear your yukata right away – no further accessories needed!

You can find our Otona Yukata Set collection here: Click here

Any questions? Any doubts? Not sure about your size?

If you have any questions at all about our designs, the available sizes, the shipping to your doorstep process or whatever else you might ask yourself, please feel free to contact us via or use the form below: