Yagasuri Feather Pattern Hakama Kimono Set


High quality Hakama Set, inlcuding a yagasuri feather pattern kimono, a hakama skirt and an obi to wear between your kimono and the hakama skirt.

This hakama set is perfect for formal occasions such as graduation ceremonies. They can easily be combined with a wide array of footwear.

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Blue M & L size kimono


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Complete Hakama Kimono Set – available in your size!

This set includes a complete hakama kimono set with 3 pieces:

  • Double-sided kimono with a yagasuri feather pattern, available in 4 colors and 2 sizes
  • A hakama skirt, with or without an embroidered pattern. Available in 4 sizes and 5 colors.
  • Hakama shitaobi (袴下帯), an obi to use under your hakama skirt

Yagasuri feather pattern kimono

4 kimono colors for hakama set

The kimono sports a beautiful Arabian inspired yagasuri feather pattern and is perfect to be combined with a one-color hakama skirt. The kimono is easy to handle and made of washable material. When selecting your kimono size, remember that you can be taller than the total length of the kimono. When worn with boots, our L size can be worn by people as tall as 175cm (5’7″).

yagasuri kimono size chart

Size Medium Large
(身丈) Total length of kimono 160cm 163cm
(袖丈) Length of the sleeves 76cm 76cm
(裄丈) Distance from seam in the back to end of sleeve 66cm 68cm

Hakama skirt

Hakama Skirt options

Hakama skirts are one of the most iconic pieces of Japanese clothing. You can choose yours to have beautiful embroidery added for a small fee. They are easy to wear and your have the choice between 4 different sizes and 5 colors.


Size Small Medium Long Extra long
Suitable person size 145-153cm

4’75” – 5’0″


5’0″ – 5’3″


5’3″ – 5’6″


5’5″ – 5’7″

Hakama length 87cm 91cm 95cm 99cm

Reversible Hakama Shitaobi

Depending on your choice of kimono color and hakama color, we will match a suitable obi to your order. The obi is reversible and comes with a different color on each side. The hakama shitaobi is worn between the kimono and the hakama skirt.

For a small additional fee, you can also select one of our 4-colored gold brocade obi (金襴) options. Please note that there is limited availability for these.

All Obi options for hakama set

Any questions? Any doubts? Not sure about your size?

If you have any questions at all about our designs, the available sizes, the shipping to your doorstep process or whatever else you might ask yourself, please feel free to contact us via or use the form below:

Additional information

Kimono Size

medium, large

Hakama Size

small, medium, long, extra-long

Additional Obi (Hakama-Shitaobi)

simple Obi, Obi 4-A +$30, Obi 4-B +$30

Kimono color

black, blue, red

Hakama color

black, red, green, blue, purple

Hakama style

plain, embroided +$20


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