Light Beige Yukata Set – including Geta, Obi and a Kitsuke Set

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This complete Yukata Set includes everything you need to wear a yukata. Yukata available in 4 sizes, geta in 2 sizes

The set includes the yukata and obi shown in the picture, wooden geta sandals/clogs, as well as a complete kitsuke set, which you wear in between the yukata and the obi.

Yukata are perfect for wearing outside during warm weather, for outside festivals, fireworks or just to your sushi place around the corner!

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Complete Yukata Set – available in your size!

This set includes everything you will ever need to wear a kimono:

  • 100% cotton yukata, available in 4 sizes
  • Hanhaba half-width obi , as seen in the picture
  • Soft-stuffed geta sandals/clogs, available in 2 sizes
  • Complete kitsuke set
    • Hadagi (肌着) undergarment to wear under your yukata
    • Obi-ita (帯板) to wear over your belt and under the obi (use example)
    • Datejime (伊達締め) belt to protect the fabric of the yukata (use example)
    • Koshihimo (腰紐) cord to tie around your waist under the obi (use example)
    • Kitsuke belt (着付けベルト) with clips on both sides for a perfect fit. (use example)

Otona style 100% cotton yukata

As with all of our products, we are ensuring a high quality standard. This yukata is made out of 100% woven cotton with an elegant nature inspired pattern. The style of this yukata is more graceful than other more playful and youthful yukata designs. In Japanese, this is called otona (大人), which literally translates into “grown up”, but is also used to describe an adult style of clothes and other things.

Yukata Size Chart

Size Small Medium Long & Tall Long & Full
Suitable person size 150-160cm 158-168cm 164-174cm 164-174cm
Hip up to 90cm up to 95cm up to 100cm up to 120cm
(1 ) Total length of yukata 160cm 163cm 170cm 170cm
(2) Distance from seam in the back to end of sleeve 66cm 68cm 70cm 72cm
(3) Length of the sleeves 49cm 49cm 50cm 50cm
(4) Front panel width 23cm 23cm 25cm 30
(5) Distance from back seam to sleeve 28cm 30cm 30cm 35cm
(6) Gusset width 15cm 15cm 15cm 15cm

Hanhaba half-width obi made in Japan

perfectly matched obi

Hanhaba obi, or half-width obi, are the usually used type of obi to wear with a yukata. This hanhaba obi is reversible and therefore you can use both sides. You can also twist or fold it, to create interesting color effects and patterns. They are very easy to wear, especially with a kitsuke set.

This hanhaba obi is 355cm long and 17cm wide.

Length 355cm / 140in / 11.6ft
Width 17cm / 6.7in / 0.5ft

Comfortable wooden geta clogs

handmade wooden geta sandals

Geta are wooden clogs or sandals, which are worn together with kimono and yukata. The geta in this set are made of empress tree wood or kiri ( 桐 ) in Japanese. The geta straps are stuffed for extra comfort while walking, which make them more comfortable than they may appear.

Geta Size Chart

Size M L
Suitable foot length 23.0 to 24.5cm 24.5 to 26.0cm
(1) Full geta length 24.0cm 25.5cm
(2) Heel heigth 3.5cm 3.5cm
(3) Distance from strap to heel 19.0cm 20.0cm
(4) Width 8.2cm 8.5cm
(5) Distance from strap to front 4.0cm 4.0cm

Ready-to-start complete kitsuke set

Kitsuke Set

You are ready to go with the kitsuke set, which includes a hadagi undergarment, a mesh obi-ita, a mesh datejime, a koshihimo cord and a perfect fit kitsuke belt. You will have everything you need, to wear it in whatever way you want: More practical and easy to put on, or more sophisticated and elegant!

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large, long & tall, small

Geta Size

L, M


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