Kitsuke Accessory Set – 15 pieces

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This kitsuke set is made to wear with all kinds of kimono.

It contains 11 kinds of accessories and 15 pieces in total. It gives you all the accessories you need to wear a kimono today!


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This is a full kitsuke set to wear a kimono. The only things you need in addition are the kimono itself, an obi and footwear.

15 piece kitsuke set overview

It includes the following categories of accessories:

  1. 肌襦袢 Hadajuban undergarment × 1
  2. 裾除け Susoyoke underskirt × 1
  3. 伊達締め Datejime small, thin fabric belt × 2
  4. マジックベルト Majikkuberuto Magic Belt × 1
  5. 着付けベルト Kitsukeberuto Kitsuke belt × 1
  6. 帯まくら Obimakura obi pillow × 1
  7. 前板 Maeita front plate / frontlet × 1
  8. 後板 Goita Back plate × 1
  9. 衿芯 Erishin Collar core × 1
  10. モスリン腰紐 Mosurinkoshihimo Muslin waist strap × 4
  11. 三重紐 Miehimo Triple string × 1

The set contains 15 pieces in total. 2 sizes are available, M and L.

肌襦袢:身丈約60cm 身幅約52cm
Hadajuban: Length 60cm; Width 52cm
裾除け:裾丈約90cm 裾廻り約132cm
Susuyoke: Hem length 90cm; Hem circumference 132cm
肌襦袢:身丈約62cm 身幅約60cm
Hadajuban: Length 62cm; Width 60cm
裾除け:裾丈約90cm 裾廻り約140cm
Susuyoke: Hem length 90cm; Hem circumference 140cm

Kitsuke Set Pieces 1

Kitsuke Set Pieces 2

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