HL アッシュ エル brand purple furisode kimono

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High quality purple HL アッシュ エル brand furisode kimono by the famous designer Henri-Luc Chapuis.

Furisode kimono are perfect for occasions like graduation ceremonies, weddings, receptions and general going out to parties and restaurants.

This kimono is sold separately without accessories.



HL アッシュ エル purple furisode kimono HL アッシュ エル purple furisode kimono close up

High quality designer furisode kimono

A furisode (振袖 furisode) kimono is a kimono with the distinctive feature of having long sleeves that can go all the way down to the ground. They are usually made of silk and can have a huge variety of patterns, but often feature flowers. Furisode kimono are generally very colourful and feature bright colours.

Perfect for the following occasions:

  • Graduation ceremony
  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Parties
  • Restaurant visits
  • Festivals
  • Cosplay events

To read more about furisode kimono, please visit our furisode knowledge page!
Please be aware that this is only the kimono! Accessories such as the obi, juban, tabi and geta must be purchased separately. We will offer full sets in the future.

Soft-opening special: No shipping fees!

As a one time special for the opening time of our shop and operation, there will be no shipping fees. Get your furisode kimono shipped to you today free of shipping fees!

Sent directly from Japan!

All our kimono are directly procured from the best makers and brands in Japan. So you are getting the newest kimono collections, seeing the newest trends and can stay up to date with your kimono-style!

Adaptable one size fits all kimono

Generally fits all people from 158cm to 170cm / 5 ft 2in to 5ft 7in / 5’2″ to 5’5″

適応身長 – suitable person height 158-170cm / 5’2″ to 5’5
身丈 – length of kimono 165cm / 5’5″
袖丈 – length of the sleeves 108cm / 3’7″
裄丈 – distance from seam in the back to end of sleeve 68cm / 2’3″

About the HL アッシュ エル brand

henri-luic-chapuis brand

The brand “HL” or アッシュ エル is the kimono brand of the famous designer Henri-Luc Chapuis. HL has become a well known kimono designer brand over the last years. With their 2016 collection they have had their breakthrough in the kimono world with their delicate and high quality designs.

HL kimono sets and designs are known to work around a single colour family and use a lot of muted colors. Accessories are used to create contrasts in the complete set. Henri-Luc Chapuis aims of in theory youthful designs, which are not overly exuberant or flamboyant. They hold a certain dignity while still being trendy and modern. The patterns and motifs used by HL are generally traditional.

HL has become one of the most popular kimono brands for graduation ceremonies and continues to grow in popularity.

2 reviews for HL アッシュ エル brand purple furisode kimono

  1. mm


    It’s very hard to get your hands on a kimono here in India, so I was so happy to get invited into the try-out phase!!
    I can’t tell you how happy this kimono made me. It’s easy to wear and the colours are so lovely! KAAWAAIIIII!!!
    Only problem is that my best friend is jealous now and wants me to buy her one for christmas 🙁
    I might have to collect with some friends to make that possible though…
    Anyway, thanks Kimonogeisha for this kimono! ^_^v

  2. mm


    So I had the chance to to buy this kimono during the invite-only phase.
    I received it in a small package a bit after 2 weeks. With the kimono itself, there was a small hand written thank you note which was nice 🙂
    The kimono itself is absolutely lovely and is just the one I was searching for to fit an antique obi that I bought a while ago in Kyoto.
    I’ll definitely wear it to the next kimonodejack event and ask everyone what they think :))

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