HL brand hakama skirt

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HL (アッシュ エル / Henri-Luc Chapuis) brand designer hakama skirt for your perfect Japanese hakama look.

Can perfectly combined with a broad variety of kimono and worn with boots, geta and sandals.

The skirts are available in 4 different sizes for people up to 175cm/ 5’7″ when wearing geta/sandals and 180cm/ 5’9″ when wearing hakama boots.

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Beautiful Henri-Luic Chapuis HL brand kimono skirts

HL brand hakama skirt options

This HL (アッシュ エル / Henri-Luc Chapuis) brand hakama can be combined with any kind of kimono to get the perfect Japanese designer hakama look.

HL hakama skirts are made of a high quality synthetic material, which feels like silk, but gives you the ability to wash your skirt and enjoy it for a long time.

Your skirt is send to your doorstep directly from Japan.

Available hakama skirt sizes

The hakama skirts are available in 4 differenz sizes. We have given you a reference size, which will give you the suitable size for a person wearing the hakama skirt together with geta or sandals.

If you are wearing hakama boots, you can add up to 5cm to the suitable size.

Size Small Medium Long Extra long
Suitable person size 145-153cm

4’75” – 5’0″


5’0″ – 5’3″


5’3″ – 5’6″


5’5″ – 5’7″

Hakama length 87cm 91cm 95cm 99cm

About the HL アッシュ エル brand

henri-luic-chapuis brand

The brand “HL” or アッシュ エル is the kimono brand of the famous designer Henri-Luc Chapuis. HL has become a well known kimono designer brand over the last years. With their 2016 collection they have had their breakthrough in the kimono world with their delicate and high quality designs.

HL kimono sets and designs are known to work around a single colour family and use a lot of muted colors. Accessories are used to create contrasts in the complete set. Henri-Luc Chapuis aims to create youthful designs, which are not overly exuberant or flamboyant. They hold a certain dignity while still being trendy and modern. The patterns and motifs used by HL are generally traditional.

HL has become one of the most popular kimono brands for graduation ceremonies and continues to grow in popularity.

Any questions? Any doubts? Not sure about your size?

If you have any questions at all about our designs, the available sizes, the shipping to your doorstep process or whatever else you might ask yourself, please feel free to contact us via or use the form below:

Additional information

Hakama color

oo6-A, 006-B, oo6-C, oo6-D


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