Hakama Leather Boots

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Lace-up leather boots, which can be worn together with a kimono and hakama, just a kimono or even western clothes.

Made and designed by kimono designers, they are elegant, durable and can be combined with any kind of clothing. Most of all, they are made to be comfortable and enable you to be on your feet for a long time.

Available in 3 colors and 8 sizes. Shipped directly from Japan.


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Hakama Lace-Up Leather Boots

Get yourself a wonderful pair of leather boots, specifically made to be used together with a kimono and hakama. Made after the wishes of kimono designers, these boots will fill all your kimono footwear needs, especially for the colder time of the year. Compared to geta sandals, they will protect your feet better against the cold and will not get soaked during rain or snow.

Hakama boots are traditionally worn together with a kimono and hakama during graduation ceremonies, which usually take place at the end of March in Japan. But due to their elegant nature and high quality, they are very versatile boots and can be worn with western clothes or without a hakama as well.

  • 9 holes lace-up
  • A sidezipper makes them easy to put on and off
  • Not too high heel for standing & walking extended periods of time
  • Elegant front part which still allow your toes to be comfortable
  • Classical shape and no unnecessary ornaments
  • Insole cushion over the heel for extra comfort, which will not be in your way, when putting your shoes on and off
  • Not too hard, but sturdy leather. Made to accompany you for a long time!
  • Shiny look – especially on pictures!
  • Slip resistant sole

hakama boots use examples

Hakama Lace-Up Leather Boots and Geta Sandals comparison

The advantages of wearing boots insteads of geta sandals with your kimono are:

  • They are easier to walk in compared to geta sandals – therefore we can recommend them for kitsuke beginners!
  • The boots will not get soaked during rainy or snowy weather.
  • You don’t have to worry about mud or stains on your white socks (tabi), which are usually worn with geta sandals
  • The heels give you a more slender and feminine posture/silhouette
  • Perfect for casual settings
  • Can be worn with other clothes than a kimono

Real multi purpose lace-up leather boots

Our hakama boots can not only be worn with a kimono or a hakama. Let’s take a look at how you could use them:

  • together with a hakama and kimono
  • only with a kimono – especially during cold weather, when you don’t want to wear geta!
  • during cosplay! They fit all kinds of different costumes and due to their comfortable nature, they are good to your feet on conventions.
  • with your favorite dress! These boots fit perfectly to classic and modern dresses. Just pick the right color to match them with your favorite dress!
  • combine them with jeans – modern and stylish!

Available Sizes

 Japanese Size 22.5cm 23.0cm 23.5cm 24.0cm 24.5cm 25.0cm 25.5cm 26.0cm
 European Size 36  37  37,5  38  38,5  39  40  41
 American Size (women)  6  6.5  7  7.5  8  8.5  9  9.5

For further sizes (in example Mexican sizes or U.K. sizes) refer to this size conversion chart.

Available boot colors

black hakama boots black hakama boots 2 brown hakama boots brown hakama boots 2 dark brown hakama boots dark brown hakama boots 2

Any questions? Any doubts? Not sure about your size?

If you have any questions at all about our designs, the available sizes, the shipping to your doorstep process or whatever else you might ask yourself, please feel free to contact us via or use the form below:

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black, brown, dark-brown

Size (jap.Size)

22,5, 23, 23,5, 24, 24,5, 25, 25,5, 26


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