Becoming of age ceremony in furisode kimono

Kimono Styles

Find out about the different kimono styles


Furisode Kimono


A furisode (振袖 furisode) kimono is a kimono with the distinctive feature of having long sleeves that can go all the way down to the ground. Find out more about furisode kimonos HERE.

Homongi Kimono

Homongi Kimono

A homongi (訪問着) kimono is literally a “visit kimono” (訪問 = visit; 着 = clothes, outfit). Find out more about them HERE.

Iromuji Kimono

Light purple iromuji

The iromuji (色無地 ) kimono is a kimono with just one color and no color patterns. It’s one of the more mature types of kimono and an all rounder when it comes to useable occasions. Find more about what makes them special, who wears them and for what occasions they are suitable HERE.

Irotomesode Kimono

Two bright irotomesode

The irotomesode (色留袖) kimono is the color type of the tomesode kimono. Tomesode literally means “shortened sleeve”, which points to the shorter sleeves of the irotomesode compared to the furisode. It is the second most formal kimono and often used at weddings. Find out who can wear them and what makes them unique HERE.

Kurotomesode Kimono

kurotomesode kimono

The kurotomesode (黒留袖) is the black type of tomesode kimono. It is a black kimono with patterns only at the bottom half of the kimono and is the most formal kimono. If you want to find out where you can dress this kimono without embarassing anyone, take a look HERE.

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