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Ohayocon special promotion

As a lot of you know, oftentimes kimono and kitsuke fans are often also cosplay enthusiasts and at many cosplay conventions you will find people wearing a kimono or yukata.

We would like to support the cosplay fans amongst our customers with a special promotion during Ohayocon, which is currently ongoing in Columbus, Ohio, from Friday 13th until Sunday 15th.

To find out more about this limited time promotion, go check out our Instagram account @kimonogeisha. Even if you are not a cosplay fan, you are of course still allowed to make use of this special offer.

To find more about Ohayocon, check out their website:


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Kimono shop soft-opening!

kimonogeisha soft opening special

The time has finally come come:

Our kimono shop doors are finally open!

From this day on, November 20th 2016, we have opened the doors to our kimono shop to the public, after our invite-only phase has been successfully ended.

Invite only phase? Soft-opening?

A couple of weeks ago we started testing our kimono procurement and logistics with a few selected individuals all around the globe. First off, thanks to everyone who participated! These people were able to order basically for the price that it costs us to procure the kimono and accessories. We used this chance to test the quality of the kimono, our communication systems and all the logistics necessary to ship a kimono from Japan to you.

Now that all kimono have arrived at our first customers, we want to transition into the kimono shop soft-opening phase.

The first step of our soft-opening phase was a complete redesign of We are not 100% done with the redesign, but that’s what a soft-opening is for. We are still on our way to our final design, but already want to give you the opportunity to order from our vetted suppliers and use our knowledge, to find the perfect kimono for you.

To give you an incentive to order during these interesting start-up times, we will waive all shipping fees until the end of our soft-opening phase!

Free shipping in the soft-opening phase!

That’s right. We will ship directly to your doorstep, wherever you are in this world. And all of this for free!

We will send using Japan Posts Express Delivery, which means you will receive within 2 weeks, after you order.

A kimono for Christmas?

We are opening our doors to make it possible for you to get a lovely kimono for yourself or a loved one, just in time for Christmas.

Start right here with your Christmas present hunt and take a look at our first collection: 16 absolutely stunning furisode kimono by HL アッシュ エル from the well known designer Henri-Luc Chapuis.


Kimonogeisha First 5 Furisode Kimono