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Summer kimono and yukata designs which benefit pet foster programs

Beautifully designed products to help pets without owners

We recently heard about another really beautiful yukata and summer kimono design from Felissimo, which is a brand with beautiful and playful designs for various products, of which the profits benefit pets without owners. You can check our the Felissimo Facebook Page for more detailed information about their cause.

The yukata and summer kimono design that caught our eye is a design with lovely cute kittens playing with ajisai hydrangeas that blossom in June.

Looking in detail at the designs and its patterns on a lavender background, you can find the kittens in different poses behind and around the hydrangea blooms.

A full 360° look at the beautiful hydrangea design. The yukata are made of 100% cotton and will keep you cool in the hot summer months. 

They have also created other products like these awesome bags with the same design. This looks like an absolute must have for every cat lover!


If you are interested in buying these from Japan, we would love to help you. Just send us a message in the form below:

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Bearded Men in Silky Kimonos Calendar 2016

Now, a word of warning. If you are expecting perfect kitsuke, please do not keep reading. You will not find it here. What you will find: Bearded men. Silky kimonos. A calendar. All in one thing combined:
The “Bearded Men in Silky Kimonos Calendar”.

A black bearded man in kimono

It seems so obvious to combine these two things, once you say it out loud. Not really when you see it, but hey, can’t have everything.

Bearded man in silken kimono

The idea to create this amazing calendar came Kate Cooper-Owen when she saw her friend’s boy friend walking into the kitchen with a silky kimono…and a full beard. Now, again, these are not “kimono” in the strictest sense. More like very light yukata, if anything. But who wants to get tangled up in technicalities, when you have bearded men wearing these…gowns.

Bearded man in purple kimono

The photos were shot by the professional photographer Woland, who did an absolutely stunning job, considering the content.

Bearded man in yellow kimono in coffeeshop

And honestly, why should a kimono or yukata only be something for women? Or unbearded people in general? I demand, if beards aren’t exclusive to men anymore, then kimono and yukata shouldn’t be an issue for heavily bearded men! Just look at them, aren’t they glorious?

Bearded man in kimono with radio

It being a pin-up calendar, you can see some bits of cheeky nudity here and there. Nothing too wild, but it definitely reminds the viewer of the calendars of old.

Blue kimono and bearded man

I know what you’re thinking now: “Where can I get this calendar?!?!” – probably among many other questions.

You can only directly get it from the Kalendah Beards in Kimono guys, from their Website (of course).

I hope you enjoyed these pics as much as we did and now consider ordering one of these extraordinary calendars.

You can also find them on Facebook: Bearded Men in Silky Kimonos Facebook Page

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Hata Toki kimono fashion show – Hata Tokio’s legacy

Hata Toki is the niece of the famous Yuzen designer Hata Tokio (羽田登喜男), who was considered a living national treasure in Japan. Used Hata Tokio kimono are still being sold for several thousand dollars each, which says something about how badly people want them and about the quality of their designs and patterns. Really good example can be found here, which you can buy for the small amount of $72.000!!! And this might already be a discounted price, so don’t waste your chance. Just take a look at the wonderful details and you will understand why this is something special:

Hata Tokyo kimono 1

Hata Tokyo kimono 2

Hata Tokyo kimono 3


Luckily Hata Tokio’s niece picked up the family tradition and is designing her own kimonos. Probably selling them for a bit more affordable price. While you can’t compare them to the masterworks of Hata Tokio, you can clearly see that Hata Toki has talent.

Hata Toki Fashion Show 1

Hata Toki Fashion Show 11

Hata Toki Fashion Show 12

Hata Toki Fashion Show 10

Hata Toki Fashion Show 9

Hata Toki Fashion Show 8

Hata Toki Fashion Show 7

Hata Toki Fashion Show 6

Hata Toki Fashion Show 5

Hata Toki Fashion Show 4

Hata Toki Fashion Show 3

Hata Toki Fashion Show 2

For more information, check out the official website of the Hata family. There you can find out about Hata Tokio’s eldest son, who also became a designer of kimono and is definitely close to achieving the same quality that made his father once famous.

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Jotaro Saito kimonos at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Tokyo video special

Geta with white socks


Video special about the kimono from Jotaro Saito at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Tokyo

Our German kimono loves might have already seen it, but the German news site has uploaded a video about kimono at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in Tokyo. The fashion weeks are held during October this year, showing what’s hot and what’s not for next year.

Who didn’t know anything about the video yet, can find it here: Kimonos für Frauen mit Sexappeal

As the video is lacking subtitles, here you can find a translation of the transcript:

A kimono: Typical japanese. Yet, at the fashion week in Tokyo this is an extraordinary sight.
Quote Rei Hamada, model: “Normally we choose Western clothes, because they fit to us  – according to our taste. But with kimonos, it’s the other way around: First comes the kimono, and we have to adjust so that suit to it. It’s not a piece of clothing that places the individual self in the foreground. “

Model Rei Hamada was discovered at the age of 13 years… Today she is 29 and is working for the designer Jotaro Saito and Sansai, who are known for their kimonos in Japan. For the fashion designer there are few models who can wear kimonos.
Quote Jotaro Saito, fashion designer: “You have to be elegant to wear a kimono, have sex appeal, and the eroticism that is inseparably connected with it. I select only models who can express these feelings. Just as with the way how to walk in them. For this you need experience. And you can not have this experience if your modeling career is just beginning.”

In Tokyo, although it is not unusual to see women in kimono on the road, most of them are older. Inspiring the young women again for the kimono – this is the dream of the designer.

Want to know more about Jotaro Saito and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo?

If you want to know more about the kimono designers Jotaro Saito and Sansai Saito, you can find their official page here: JOTARO SAITO

Depending on your Japanese skills, you might also find the personal blog of Jotaro Saito interesting: Personal Blog of Jotaro Saito

You can follow everything about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo here:
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Website
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo Twitter
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Facebook Site