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Kimono Burlesque in London – presented by Takayo

behind the stage kimono burlesque

January 17th 2016
On a cold Sunday night in London, there were people who were enjoying a hot stage show. A hot kimono burlesque show!

beti kimono burlesque

TAKAYO, name of the company and director, presented a kimono burlesque during a corporate event for a ramen shop in London. Nobody in the UK had ever seen such a unique performance that incorporated Japanese kimono culture into a burlesque musical artwork. Dressed up in a beautiful orange kimono, Beti, the best international burlesque performer in 2015, suddenly showed up in the middle of the event. Some movements were associated with making ramen. At the same time, she was slowly undressing herself. Seductive but humble, by perfectly demonstrating two different types of concepts, Beti was catching attention from every single person in the venue.

kimono burlesque beti preparation

“I was nervous about audience reaction but I knew everybody would love this unusual combination. I hope more people will have interest in Kimono and Japanese culture” said Takayo said, after the show. She also added that there’s a special feeling you can get only when you wear Kimono. Anybody can feel / become feminine and elegant once you wear Kimono.<

“I really want everyone to experience this Kimono magic.”

kimono burlesque making ramen

Takayo, the kimono-party queen of London

Takayo is a real kimono ambassador in London. She hosts corporate events like the kimono burlesque, but she also organizes kimono parties for children and so called kimono “hen parties“, get-together parties for soon-to-be-brides and her friends. At hen-parties, up to 32 people can try and experience kitsuke culture, wear a kimono and put on special hair accessories. In addition, everyone gets a Japanese name for the event and learns to write their name with Japanese calligraphy. The hen parties and other events are really worth a look if you are living in or traveling to London. If you prefer to do your kitsuke alone, you can rent full sets from her for a really reasonable price.

kimono burlesque preparation

You can find her website at It’s especially worth a look because of the blog and her reports of all the events that she hosts – including pictures!

By the way, Takayo is searching for help:


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