Affiliate registration

When you sign up for the Kimonogeisha Affiliate Program we’ll give you a special link to Kimonogeisha that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, Instagram, a tweet – however you choose! You’ll earn income for every customer that buys stuff at through your link.

Frequently asked questions

Signing up

Signing up to be an affiliate is quick, easy and free. Apply now, and we’ll review your application within five business days. You will receive an email notifying you that your application is under review. If you did not receive this email, please reach out to us at our Affiliate Helpdesk or mail us to

As you setup your account, please carefully consider that your username cannot be changed at later date.

However, you may edit the following:

  • Passwords may be reset at any time by you.
  • Your Email address can be changed

Don’t forget to include a Paypal account, if you want to get paid!

Our Affiliate-Dashboard

You can access our affiliate dashboard here:

Here you can change your account information, access your statistics and create links with your affiliate-ID directly to our products.


Payment is done via Paypal. A Paypal account is therefore necessary to get paid. You can register as an affiliate without directly including a Paypal account, but you will only get paid, if you have a Paypal account in your account information. If you registered without a Paypal account, you can add it at a later date.

You accrued affiliate payments will be paid out at the end of each month, when your balance is over $25. This is done to reduce the transaction amount and therefore the transaction fees.

Currently we are paying out a 5% commission of the total purchase value.

Affiliate links and cookies

As soon as you register, you will get an affiliate-link that is unique to your account, which will look like this:

The “x” will be replaced with your unique affiliate-ID number.

You can also create your own links in the Affiliate-Dashboard, which can point directly to our products. Simply paste the URL to the product in the designated field, create the link and then share that link on your website, blog or social media.

A good hint we can give you is to shorten your link for use on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. For this you can use the following services: (made by Google)

Once someone clicked on your link and reached, a cookie will be set in their browser, which stays active for 30 days. Once they make a purchase in the next 30 days, you will receive your commission.