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Running in kimono for good customer service

wimax-commercial with kimono

Japan is known for great customer service all around the world. But what if your clothing might hinder you in the pursuit of customer happiness?

The company UQ-WIMAX found their own answer to this question. At least according to their cheeky commercial which saw some airtime this year on Japanese TV.

Running in kimono and tabi

Basically what happens is that a customer forgets or loses his portable Wi-Fi device at a restaurant or hotel. This triggers the devotedly customer-oriented waitress in her work kimono to run after the customer. But as you can imagine, running in a kimono, even if it is without cumbersome traditional japanese footwear called geta, probably isn’t very practical. I don’t know what time of the year it was, but running around in tabi (the white sock-shoes) might even be quite cold and uncomfortable.

So to become faster, she gets rid of her kimono along the way. Don’t worry though, she’s not getting rid of all her clothes though, she is still wearing her kimono underwear, called hadajuban and nagajuban. As she hands over the Wi-Fi device, the customers seems quite pleased with her performance and…well…the view that is offered to him.

To understand all this, you have to know that a waitress wearing a work kimono, like a uniform, isn’t something unusual at more sophisticated restaurants and hotels. These might even be really fancy and beautiful unique kimono, depending on the place.

The other thing is that free Wi-Fi in Japan is quite hard to find. That’s why many people carry pocket Wi-Fi devices around with them. With this, you can not only connect your mobile with the internet, but also your laptop, tablet and so on. All with just one data plan.

wimax-commercial 2

Only thing I don’t understand:

Why is he taking a taxi so awfully far away from the location, where he lost or forgot his gadgets?

I am sure the kimono girl is thinking the same thing…

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  1. What a funny commercial! 🙂

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