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Kawaii Lesson Episode 6 – How to say “Yes” in Japanese

As you have been gathering quite the sentence repertoire, if you have been following Kawaii Lesson so far, it’s time to learn how to properly say YES in Japanese.

I mean, if you are offered some super delicious look sushi, it would be terrible to not be able to say that you actually want some, right?

So let’s give you the basics on how to say Yes in Japanese!


un = うん

iiyo = いいよ = 良いよ


hai = はい

iidesuyo = いいですよ = 良いですよ


Of course there are more ways to say Yes in Japanese, like saying “daijoubu” (だいじょうぶ = 大丈夫), which means “alright” or “it’s okay”. It’s also used to describe the state of something as okay or alright. It’s very versatile and should definitely be added to your vocabulary!


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