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Love Japan Magazine – Coming Spring 2015

Spring seems to become a good time for people who love to hold their first-hand Japan info resources in their own hands. Emily Faulder has taken it upon her to bring her love to Japan to the next level and actively spread it all around to everyone who wants to read about it with her “Love Japan” magazine. She has been a photographer and big time lover for everything that has to do with Japan for a long time. She already did some photography under the name “Emily Forrest” for the Hyper Japan event which is held twice a year in London, as that’s where she is also based at the moment.
Kitsuke from Hyper Japan event
Kitsuke picture from the Hyper Japan event, taken by Emily
Calligraphy at the Hyper Japan event in London
Calligraphy at the Hyper Japan event in London
Their vision for the Love Japan magazine is:

Love Japan is a magazine created by fans, for fans.  We have a core team in charge of editing and design, along with a whole host of contributors from the USA, Japan and UK.  We all share a passion for Japanese culture, and our aim is to bring you a beautifully designed online magazine, once every quarter, with the first issue due for release in Spring 2015.

We want to fill the gap in the market for people who love the aesthetics of Independent British magazines, but want to immerse themselves in all things Japanese. It’s a fusion of East meets West.  We’re not only going to be cramming Love Japan full of of fun and interesting Japanese related topics, but we will also be satisfying your need for eye candy.

From travel, food, fashion, and illustration, to interviews, events, music and pop culture, we’ll have it covered.

They actually announced to release their first issue in February 2015, but seems like they had to reschedule to a rough “Spring 2015”. No specific reason was given, although I can imagine that there are many things that could go wrong or just get in between releasing a magazine when you do it the first time.

Like with the Be Part of program, they also offer you to be part of their magazine with your submissions:

We currently need the following:

  • Illustrators/Artists/Designers who are either Japanese or have a Japanese theme to their work
  • Writers who would like to share an article they’ve written (this can be anything related to Japan, we’re open to all ideas so run it past us)
  • Small businesses who have a Japanese theme, this could for example be a cafe, a restaurant, an online store or a shop, selling Japanese or Japanese inspired clothing, jewellery, food, sweets, merchandise etc.
  • People who have lived/worked/travelled in Japan, or currently live/work/travel in Japan and would like to share their experiences.
  • Photographers who have a Japanese theme to their work for examples, Japanese band, landscape or fashion photography.

You can find more about submitting your content to the magazine here.

Their main page is, but in these times, you can of course also find them on Instagram and Twitter.