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You have a kimono or Japan blog?

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You love wearing kimono and practice your kitsuke regularly?

Kitsuke is serious business!

You have been to a fashion show in Japan?

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You just want to share your experiences and pictures?

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Become part of!

We are now open for submissions from kimono fans from all over the world. You can get your name out there and draw eyes to your own blog/twitter/facebook-page, by sharing your stories, your knowledge, your pictures here on

Possibilities for participation are:

  • Become a kimono-scholar – Share your special knowledge here for everyone to see
  • Share your stories – Tell your favorite kimono related story, write a review about a kimono dressing class or show us your pictures from a fashion show in Japan
  • Want to be a filmstar or director – Do you have videos from kimono events? Do tell! And we will make sure that many people see them and know who made them
  • Be creative! – What’s your idea? We can discuss everything and we will find a way to share what you have to say!

Always included is, of course, mentioning YOU as author, together with a link and shoutout.

Contact us and send us your ideas to:

Be part of the (soon ^_^) largest kimono portal out there!